Michael Eyrich Berlin


    Network Mobility

    Recent research focus in group mobility support is strongly targeted on the behaviour and optimisation of NEMO based routers.
    Changing the perspective from provided infrastructure (e.g., Mobile Routers on a ship, train, underground, etc.) to traveller's devices acting as Mobile Routers, perspective and requirements change not only slightly. As mobility management in the former use case only needs to be executed by visiting mobile nodes (VMN) after joining or leaving a network and at the usual update intervals to show aliveness, the virtual network connection (i.e. the provided MR's home address can be assumed to be fairly stable.
    In the latter use case networks may experience often changing connectivity, i.e., whenever the current mobile router leaves the group for whatever reason the home address of the tunnel will change.
    Each such event of the Active Mobile Router requires the election of a new mobile router within the group (GSA) and requires performing mobility management for all members of the group. This is an expensive operation and needs further research.